Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a day at the beach

quinn and i drove down to the beach today.
because i had a meeting, i dropped him off with mike who continued working while wearing quinn in the beco carrier (just pretend i got a picture of that and inserted it right here).  it was so cute and i think his client loved the idea of quinn joining her session.

then off to the beach.  quinn shrieked with delight for the most part, ate loads of sand (can't wait to see that diaper tomorrow morning), crawled around, waved at everyone he could, and attempted to walk a few times.  the thing that surprised me was that he hated the ocean.  he didn't full-on cry when we walked down to the waters' edge, just protested with whines and grunts and no matter where we walked he made sure he was facing the water, sort-of keeping an eye on it.  very strange that it freaked him out considering he is obsessed with the pool.

after a beautiful day, i loaded a shirtless sleeping baby covered in sand into the car and headed for home.  bath time, books, and bed.

side note: these pics are taken with my phone.  not an iphone.  not a fancy instagram or whatever is all the rage these days.  just a phone.  booya.


  1. the photos are cute! no iPhone necessary! : )

  2. has there been a dirty, sandy diaper yet? i'm curious. take a picture of it and post it on the blog.