Thursday, July 21, 2011


with the hot, hot summer here we have been spending loads of time in the pool.  our local pool doesn't allow babies under four into the big pool, so we wade and splash and bake in the little baby pools most days.  this passed weekend though, we went down to baltimore for my best friend brandi's baby shower.  

but first, we did a little pool time.  a big pool, that is.  he floated on his stomach and kicked, drank some pool water, and squealed with delight.  i finally got up the nerve to dunk him under the water.  fully dunk him.  i blew in his face, to which he giggled but still held his breath, and under he went.  we did it a few times.  sometimes he sputtered and coughed, other times he just came up surprised.  some of the on-lookers may have thought it bordered on child abuse, but i didn't care.  no one called the cops at least.  i want quinn to be comfortable in the water and to learn how to swim and to be safe.  so we had our first lesson at brandi's pool.  and he loved it!

this day also marked the first time quinn choked.  it was on all that watermelon he was eating.  i threw him over my knee and walloped him on the back a few times.  out it came.  he could have cared less and would have gone back for more if i let him.  


  1. terrible mother. tell quinn i'll save him next time.

    also, the pic at the very top left is so fricking cute. he looks like such a chub.

  2. terrible or SUPER smart? no drowning for this boy when i am done with him! doesn't he look like a HUGE chub? love it!