Thursday, July 21, 2011

happy birthday to me!

i turn 31 today.
sing it with me.

happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.

now here is what i want:

the audi q7

cuisinart chef's classic enameled cast iron grill pan

wegman's ultimate chocolate cake (or an ice cream cake with extra oreo cookie crumbs)
the bose ipod docking station
ray ban aviators

jcrew chambray shirt

that's it.  a rather short list, i know.
alright, maybe some of it jumped from the "if i had a million dollars" wish list to the birthday wish list.  but still.  i actually will be happy to just make homemade pizza tonight with my two men.  tomorrow night mike is taking me out to dinner.  and we will just keep celebrating me all weekend too if i have anything to say about it!


  1. happy birthday sissterrrrrr!

    and i have the chambray shirt almost like that but old navy. i'll be on the lookout if they have it again.

  2. dude, i just found you through yo sister's blog and i'm glad i did :) i have no babies,nor am i even close, but you're funny and you're real and i dig it. plus you have good taste in pretty things. i may or may not have crept all the way back to the archives that included a new year's eve wish outfit that i'd also love to put on and go party in. next time a new year comes around...

  3. Happy Birthday to you!! Ummmm how is it that we have the same wish list?! Just kidding. But I'll take the Audi, the cake, and the aviators. Oh, and I have an awesome chambray button down from Gap. Just FYI. :)

  4. @bridget - can i just have your shirt? pretty please?

    @wildchild - glad you found me. find me next new year's eve. we'll be in matching outfits!

    @jamie - i am leaving for the mall right now! thanks for the heads-up.

    thanks for the birthday wishes!