Monday, July 18, 2011

to the farmers' market we went

we finally had dad home for a whole weekend!
the gym has been keeping mike busy a ton lately.  summertime beach-goers abound so he has been working lots.  so this passed weekend it was such a treat to have him home the whole time.  we started saturday morning with a walk to our local farmers' market.

i love the our town and will be sad to leave it if we ever sell our house.  it really is "small town USA."  we often walk with a bottle of wine to local restaurants, our library, for coffee, ice cream.  every saturday during the warmer months our town hosts a local farmers' market with produce, flowers, baked goods, doggie treats, live music and more.  it is the perfect way to spend a sunny morning with our small family.


  1. if mike ever drops quinn doing his fancy shmancy balance on the hand thing, i will kick his ass, you hear me! and then after i kick his ass i will make mike wear baby legs. on his legs AND arms. and then i'll kick his ass again.

    loved this post. love farmers markets. love you guys.

  2. mike in baby legs. may want to see that one day!