Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the bachelorette 2011

i finally tuned in to the bachelorette 2011 premiere last night (and the second half today).  i can't say that i will tune in each week, but i can try.

loved ashley's dress.  she is cute.  like her hair up more than down.  love that she is from philly!!

top 5 men:

1.  jp - cute, good smile, seems real, a little shy.

2.  ben f. - cute, easy-going, like the long hair, love the fact that he is a wine-maker

3.  william - seems sweet and boyish and real

4.  west - cute, sweet, genuine

5.  nick - seems like fun, even though his hair is stupid

as for the rest of you goofballs...

anthony - you looked at her like she was a piece of meat that you wanted to slice and sell in your shop.  it was weird.
micky - don't try to kiss her again.  too early.  weird.
steve - your hair is stupid.  and you are a hairdresser!  shame, shame, i know your name!
ben c - i can see you becoming her stalker.  careful.
ames - you are a silly overachiever with all your degrees.  what are you trying to make up for?  and your teeth look like chiclets.
bentley - i am watching you.  real close.  

i guess the other men didn't leave enough of an impression to comment.  sorry boys!  maybe next week!


  1. I forgot to record it last night, so I caught this episode on DISHOnline.com this morning. Some of those guys were very strange but who isn’t. I am glad I got to see it on DISHOnline. It's great working for DISH Network because I can learn about all the new products that come out ahead of time. I can go on that website and watch full episodes of several shows for free. I can also watch current and old episodes of several shows. It is great for me with this show because I am not committed to watching it every week, but when I have time I can catch up on DISHOnline. This is one show that I don’t have to watch live, but it looks like it should be good. I have to agree that William is a catch. Hopefully she picks him.

  2. ben and will - my faves.

    and west seems sweet.

    bentley... trouble. too bad he's hot though, huh?

  3. hahaha. even though your hair is stupid. hahaha.