Monday, May 23, 2011

sister is pregnant!

sister is pregnant!  i may have mentioned this a few times already.  she is having a boy, which could not make me (and quinn) happier.  and despite the fact that we live about six hours from one another, i know that these two boys will become great friends.  i already have grand ideas for meeting bridget halfway...say, in new york...a couple times a year so that we can have a getaway with just us and the boys.  and dammit, this is gonna happen!

we had bridget's first shower (for the NJ/PA crowd) last weekend. and it was marvelous!  bridget glowed the entire time, looking absolutely stunning (as always).  her non-maternity dress was perfect for the occasion and her bodacious ta-tas were there to party as well.

mom, erinn, and i put together the little soiree for forty.  it was a brunch and it was delicious!  i think i may have flexed my barefoot contessa muscle a bit, making buttermilk cheddar biscuits from scratch, blueberry yogurt cakes, bloody marys, and a zucchini goat cheese fritatta.  yes...erinn and mom made stuff too...yada, yada, yada.

we had a fabulous time (quinn too).  


  1. BEST SHOWER EVER!!!! and yes. that town in the middle. it's happening. BEST FRIENDS I TELL YOU. if my kid comes home with any other friends i will SABOTAGE the relationship ensuring that his one and only true friend is quinn walter.

  2. I love how close all of you are. It looked like an amazing party! You really pull out all the stops. Oh and Quinn looks adorable!