Friday, June 17, 2011

the year gets even crazier!

as if my past year has not been crazier gets better!

we put our house on the market about two weeks ago.  yikes!
mike commutes each weekday to the shore, an hour and 15 min away.  he leaves at 5am and is back anytime after 6pm usually.  long days for both of us.  so we are going to relocate to the shore area so that quinn and i can see more of mike.  and so that we can save money...that commute does not come cheaply!

my days have mostly been filled with cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing, throwing out, laying sod, watering said sod, mulching, donating, staging, weeding, dusting.  i even re-caulked the bathtub on my own.  yes, ladies!  and it actually looks really good.

so if i have been MIA lately, now you know why!  say some prayers, cross some fingers, send some positive energy...let's get this house sold!

1 comment:

  1. what a cute house! i'd buy it in a second. good luck with everything.