Friday, April 29, 2011

smitten list...royal wedding addition

the royal wedding has come and gone and they are partying over in london tonight!
i can NOT imagine what grace and composure it must have taken to walk down that ling isle in front of millions of people and know that you life has just changed forever and that you now live in a fishbowl.  kate looked stunning.  and graceful.  and composed.  and she just glowed.

{kate's dress.  absolutely gorgeous.}

{kate's makeup.  the fact that she did it herself is just so real.  she has amazing style, yet is so unpretentious and low-maintenance.}

{the crowd.  no fighting, pushing, shoving.  just people opening their hearts to share in the love of the occasion.}

{a family affair.  i love how harry is looking kate up and down.  priceless.}

{the kiss.  so demure.  i just want to know what secret things they were each thinking...or even saying...about each other.  like how many buttons it would take to get that dress off of you kate...}

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog via Bridget and love it! Your captions here are hilarious.