Saturday, April 30, 2011

if i woke up in this home...i would have died and gone to heaven.

seriously, who actually gets to live here?
apparently not me.  a mr. stuart membery is the lucky one who gets to call bali his own little paradise.  not new jersey.  not that i am jealous or anything.  
this is him...the lucky devil.  he is grinning so big because he knows i would probably pay to live under his dining room table.  shame on him.

look at his bedroom.  i could happily lounge in a plush white robe while tanned and muscle-y men bring me cool water with raspberries floating in it, the latest gossip magazines, and rub my so-sore neck muscles.  they are sore because i just finished doing laps in the pool below, obviously.  later, i am inviting friends over for some fabulous indian food and devastatingly delicious tamarind cocktails (i just googled an indian alcoholic i actually have NO clue what this is...ha).  we will lounge in the open-air living room listening to billie holiday and chatting into the wee hours of the morning.  i will finish the night with a warm shower, again in the open air.  then off to bed to dream of what magnificence might await me tomorrow. a girl can dream, can't she?  hey stuart...or is it any room for me?  

{side note:  mike just looked over my shoulder at what i am writing about.  i tell him to check out this home.  "it's a little busy" he says.  right.}


  1. i know. it's not like i have to BE them. just be friends with them. seriously! i can be a really good time, stu!