Sunday, May 1, 2011

now why don't my walls look like that?

i am so often amazed at people's creative talents.  especially when it comes to mounting artwork and framed pictures on a big bare wall.  for some reason, i hesitate to put nail holes in the wall for fear that i will pick the wrong spot or measure incorrectly or the whole darn thing will turn out looking like i drank a bottle of tequila, spun around with my head on a bat, and then tried to hang the stupid pieces with my feet.  sorry, where was i?  so whenever i am checking out decorating magazines or images on-line, i am always drawn to the walls that have it all together.  or rather, their owners who have it all together.  here are some examples:

{karen walker's home as seen here}

{sandy's unique closet space shown here on}

{maya's place featured here on}

{lovely little swedish breakfast nook as seen here}

{this one may be my favorite...featured here}

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