Thursday, April 28, 2011

little explorer

quinn is an outside boy.  he thrives in the fresh air listening to birds, airplanes, cars, the wind.  and he really studies everything out there.

the other day we walked to the park and sat on our blanket for the longest time.  he rocked on his hands and knees, chewed on sophie, nursed, rolled around, stared at the trees, tried to get to the edge of the blanket to grab a handful of grass to eat.  he just loves the great outdoors.  he even sat happily in his coach while i weeded for over an hour.  again i say, i cannot wait until he meets the beach.  he will be in heaven.

here we are at the park.  me and mr wonderful.


  1. oh he is tooooo cute. i love that last picture so much.

  2. i may have to blow this one up too. not sure i have any more wall space for all these pics. i am obsessed!