Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter bunny came to our house...

happy easter (belated) everyone!  
i worked monday night into tuesday and was just so completely exhausted that i never got around to downloading pictures of the fabulous day.
it was warm and sunny and filled with good times.  

i began the day by letting mike sleep in (yes...i rock...i am aware).  quinn and i made a pot of starbucks coffee (a gift from gran and bomber) and some blueberry yogurt cake  courtesy of smitten kitchen via sister bridget.  he ate some avocado for breakfast.  i drank coffee.

[as per the fabulous bridget's comment below...i was mistaken and the cake was in-fact from shutter bean.  my bust.  the link, however, was correct.]

we watched a beautiful tulip in our backyard open up to the sun.  it was especially exciting because i never even planted it!  we (meaning quinn in my lap while i tried desperately to snooze) napped.  then dad got up and we opened our easter presents.  some candy for us and some toys and swim pants for quinn.

more napping followed by showers and gussy-ing up and then it was off to our cousin missy's house for easter dinner.  i made roasted tomato mozzarella with pesto (instead of just basil), courtesy of ina garten (no picture...sorry).  but it was TASTY and everyone gave it two enthusiastic thumbs-up.

finished the day with a very tired boy who refused to nap at the family party for fear that he may miss something.

so here is the re-cap in pictures.


  1. a) you guys are so friggin cute
    b) are you making out with your son in the pic with the easter basket?
    c) cake is from shutterbean not smitten kitchen, get it right.
    d) i want to eat quinn
    e) happy easter
    f) nice belt from your awesome sister who thought of you while galavanting around florence.

  2. your family is gorgeous! i've passed your blog onto a few of my friends who are new mothers. they haven't quite made it into the blogging scene but they love the information. i hope that someday soon i will be able to use your information too!

  3. @bridget - thanks for the correction eagle-eye. i noted the change.

    @love lillian - thank you! i really appreciate it. i too am new to this blogging world. glad you are passing it along. i love your wedding photos. gorgeous!

  4. oh...and yes bridget...i am pretty much making out with him. i kiss him full on the mouth almost every 2 minutes, so i am bound to get him while he is smiling or laughing...naturally.

  5. do you slip him the tongue then? cause that'd just be inappropriate.