Thursday, April 21, 2011

mr. wonderful

mr. wonderful.
this is quinn's new nickname. 
and it suits him just fine.
he is a dream...most of the time.

here we are in the park yesterday.
it was beautiful.  80s.  sunny.  perfect.

he was so happy to be outside.  and with the river, the people, the geese, the cars to look at, he was perfectly content.  as you can see from the above picture, he has recently discovered that he can maneuver quite well on all fours.  not quite a crawl yet, more like a rocking back and forth followed by a face-plant.  so any day now he will be finding dusty corners filled with specks of dirt to put in his mouth or outlets to stick his tiny fingers in. so i guess the day is coming to baby-proof the house.  i cannot believe how big he has gotten!  two teeth, crawling...what's next?  his first cigarette???  

[thanks auntie bridget for the baby legs!!!  they kept him just warm enough with the breeze off the river.  love you!]


  1. Eegads! he is adorable! yum.

    thanks for your comment on my blog --- i seriously laughed out loud!