Thursday, March 31, 2011


i wish i was a supermodel i could wear these absolutely beautiful clothes, so people would just hand me things for free even though i make tons of money, so someone else could do my hair and makeup.  yummm.  it would be fun.  but since that is not happening in the foreseeable future, i will just have to appease myself by browsing through fashion magazines and pretend i am wearing the clothes and trying out the latest and greatest free bags and shoes.  want to dream with me???
i love the nudes.  they make me look washed out but i still love them.  

in lust with this George Esquivel handbag.  and at a mere $1200 i am sure to get it NEVER.

i love the fedora.  i wore my friend romanos' all summer long.  i guess i should invest in one.  i bought a floppy straw hat for maximum sun coverage...but this one is just too cute.  when i find it, i will let you know.

i love wedges.  they go with jeans, cut-offs, dresses, skirts...yes, everything!  and these are lela rose at PAYLESS!!!  


  1. payless! they're awesome.

    i thought you were a supermodel, no?

  2. The hat is at Urban Outfitters, super cute :)