Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what we've been doing...in pictures

 taking lots of baths...quinn is a true lover of water.  which makes sense, since his dad was raised at the beach.  it also gets me very excited for pool season!  just have to figure out the whole pool-water logged-diaper thing so we don't get kicked out when quinn's diaper explodes and spews poop all over the baby pool.

 taking our 6 month pictures.  and snagging one of the two of us together.

 loving...absolutely loving his johnny jump-up.  don't even know if they sell these anymore.  got this hand-me-down from a friend of mine.  i believe they are now a black-market item.  but if you can find one, your baby will love you for it.  until they fall from the door frame, of course.

 cooking some potato leek soup.  absolutely delish!

 eating bananas and breast milk for the first time.  not sure whether quinn likes all the food or just the act of feeding himself.

 growing a tooth.  and using it on mama's nipple.  good times.  

 avocados!!!  so now we have had sweet potatoes, butternut squash, bananas, and avocados.  no complaints yet.

 first ride on a swing.  went for a walk to the local playground and quinn loved it.  and i think all the swinging left him sleepy.  so i will have to remember that the next time he refuses to nap.

 quinn is most happy (and proud) when he is showing off his ability to stand.  he can be in the midst of a fussy moment and all i have to do is stand him up and he is happy.

 went to the shore to my in-laws for the weekend.  got all dressed for a walk on the beach but it was entirely too windy.  so we made it passed the dunes and turned back.  i can't wait to see what quinn thinks of the ocean.  and to see how much sand he will eat this summer.

 first trip to the zoo.  gran and bomber came along too.  quinn was fascinated with all the animals that were up close and moved. so...not too many.  but he stared at a swan and at a yellow snake that slithered around in its cage for quite some time.  i hope we didn't plant the seed for a pet snake.  ugh.  just got chills down my spine thinking about it.

 had tons of giggles and smiles during our weekend down the shore.  maybe because phillies won and quinn was in his howard t-shirt.

back at home and back in the johnny jump-up.  and as you can see from all the blur, he is loving it.

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  1. so cute. i love his little track suit and caterpillar hat, and his smiles smiles smiles. gah, i just love him.