Monday, March 28, 2011

blog woes

i couldn't sleep last night, as with many nights these days.  i have become a very light sleeper.  i still check that quinn is breathing multiple times throughout the night or sometimes i just lay there staring at him.  on these nights my mind drifts.  last night i was thinking about this blog.  

i wanted to start the blog after seeing my sister so much enjoy hers.  and hers is really good and funny and i love reading it.  and that emily's blog is just too good, can't stand it.  starting a blog seems like so much fun.  being a new mom and being home a lot, i thought it would be a fabulous outlet for me.  but what do i want the blog to BE about?  a cornucopia i least that is what it has become thus far.  

i want it to be funny and sweet and give good tips for life and mothering.  i want it to be real.  but here's the catch:  though i am not at all shy in person, i embarrass really easily.  so putting myself out there is difficult for me.  i haven't put the blog on facebook or twitter or told any of my friends.  i am not sure why this is...i think i am funny (more in person than in writing) and i dress well (sometimes) and i have important stuff to say dammit!  but alas, there is the dilemma: continue to be anonymous and safe or let it all hang out.  to be determined...


  1. i am an important person dammit! listen to me! like me!


    i love you sister. it'll be a hit when you decide to put it out there.

  2. So I posted my blog on facebook in the beginning...but then I took it down because I thought, "I'm 'friends' with people on FB that I don't necessarily want reading what I post on my blog."

    And vice versa too...I don't accept friend requests on FB from any blog friends. I just like to keep things separate and that's what works best for me.

    You'll find your way :)