Friday, March 25, 2011

wish list for the kitchen

i find myself trying to channel my inner martha stewart or barefoot contessa in the kitchen these days.  staying home with baby means i have loads more time to try and whip something up in the kitchen.  it just seems as though it would be way more fun if i were wearing this charming apron from anthropologie.  maybe with nothing underneath on special occasions...what?!?!  

i obviously need these adorable measuring cups.  i want them.  even if i never measure anything ever again i want them.

these garden markers would also be perfect in my imaginary herb garden that sits in brightly colored pots on the wooden table under my kitchen windows.  maybe if i buy them it will entice me to actually plant said garden.  or not.  

i love the industrial feel of this sign.  as if one would forget what to do in the kitchen.  but still.  

and i will put all my new things in this very kitchen (OR josh and maria will just let me, mike, and quinn move in with them).  i love the clean lines, white and stainless steel, how sunshiny it is.  LOVE.  LUST.  WANT.


  1. maybe josh will let you share his kitchen if you do in fact wear that apron with nothing underneath?