Friday, February 4, 2011

smitten list

this stuff really has helped my severely dry and chapped hands.  goes on every night before bed.  and it isn't greasy!  love it!
this stuff is literally a magic potion.  and i told my sister that with a few excited expletives thrown in.  i had no idea how filthy my bathtub was until i met this stuff.  seriously...this stuff is magic.
i have mentioned before (maybe?) that my hair is falling out in clumps ever since quinn turned three months old.  something about hormones and the hair follicles no longer in the resting stage.  so a friend recommended this product and i have only used it for about two weeks and already notice a difference!  huzzah!
feta cheese
eggs and feta cheese...yum.  throw in some tomatoes and some spinach an you have yourself one of my favorite meals.  delish...

quinn's giggles
please please please ignore how silly i sound.  i am well aware that i have become the type of mother that will do whatever it takes for a smile or laugh.  also...ignore how i look - i had worked all night and definitely looked it!  the best part is that quinn watches the videos of himself on the computer and coos and smiles.  it is adorable!


  1. oh that baby!! I need to nibble on him! he is just beautiful :)

  2. thanks laura! i do nibble a couple times a day and he is delicious!