Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 confessions

1.  whenever i eat a sandwich, i always leave the last bite.  mike calls it "the handle" and i have no idea why i do it.  but i do.  every sandwich.

2.  when i am in the shower and my wet hair clings to my hands/fingers/legs i stick it to the wall and most often forget to clean it up.

3.  i haven't painted my fingers or toes since quinn was born...back in september.  but if i did, i would use this yummy color.  

4.  i am genetically programmed to enjoy anything on the bravo tv network.

5.  i like picking and plucking...zits, wayward hairs, my son's nose...i am definitely part monkey.


  1. I also enjoy Bravo TV. A lot. And I love that nail color!

  2. i do the sandwich one too. i think this is a genetic flaw in the carmody family!!

  3. haha!~ I loved this! and I'll admit too that my hair falls out in the shower and I look at it and think... hmmm.... and walk away. :)

  4. omg. i think we are the same person!