Tuesday, December 28, 2010

singing the sleepless blues

i am back at work in full swing and it is NOT easy.  night shift is a whole different world to me, one that i am so fortunate to be exploring, but one that is rocking my world!  so i have taken a little breather from doing just about everything except the absolute necessary.  my free time is not spent horizontal...and not in the saucy bom-chicka-womp-womp way.  quinn is well-fed, bathed, dressed, smiling.  husband is well-fed, bathed, dressed, smiling.  the house is a disaster...pine needles litter the floor and i haven't swept them from under the christmas tree in over a week, the poinsettia is dry and needs watering, i wish the oriental rug would just vacuum itself, and the dishwasher needs some serious servicing.  and then there is me!  my hair is in a perma-bun, today i actually have NO make-up on (against my better judgement), and my haphazard leg-shaving last night leaves something to be desired.  but all is well.  if only i could knock back a few more hours of sleep.  sleep...how i have missed you!  i think we may meet again in the future, but for now you are a distant memory.

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