Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas is almost here!

quinn got to meet santa for the first time a few weeks ago.  and he just loved him!  each christmas season our friend and neighbor hosts santa at his home for all the neighborhood children to visit.  many of the children (including my niece addison) kicked and screamed and cried but quinn just sat there and told santa what he wanted for christmas:
1.  unlimited access to nurse whenever he wants, wherever he wants
2.  could santa make the milk chocolate?
3.  to be walked around the dining room table so he can stare at his favorite chandelier on command
4.  to sleep in bed with momma and daddy until he is 18 years old
5.  to be able to yank on momma's hair and daddy's beard even when they resist 
6.  to learn a few more words other than "gooooooo"
7.  more personalized raps songs from daddy
8.  a new snowboard for daddy and a spa day for momma 

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