Thursday, December 30, 2010

this year's resolutions

i am not one for making resolutions really.  i think of things i would like to do or ways i would like to better myself all throughout the year.  but i am putting some thought into it this year and with only two days to go, i am announcing my new year's resolutions for 2011.  ta da!

1.  be present.  be in the moment.  let mike hug me and hug him back even if i am in the midst of a million things.  revel in the smiles and coos from quinn and ignore the pile of dishes in the sink.

2.  complain less and compliment more.  you know the saying about how if someone is not satisfied they will tell a bunch of people but if someone is happy they will only tell a few.  well i think it should be the other way around.  and in a way, i am going to try and change that my little old self.  when someone does something good or kind or goes out of their way for someone else, i am going to sing their praises to whomever will listen.  truth be told, i started this a long time ago.  example:  at work (at a hospital in philly), the crab bisque from the cafeteria was so stinking good one day and all us nurses were ohhhing and ahhhing about it.  so i called the cafeteria and asked for the manager.   she sheepishly answered the call, probably anticipating a complaint of some sort, but i told her instead of our absolute love of the bisque.  she thanked us and told me that the chef was new and that she would pass along the compliment.  about 10 min later, the aforementioned chef arrived on our floor with a huge container of bisque for the nurses who had liked it so much.  he was grinning ear-to-ear, obviously thrilled we had so much enjoyed his creation.  so i plan to do more things like this.  and complain less.

3.  volunteer.  even if it is just a weekend habitat for humanity gig.  i have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings in my life.  i should really help those who need it.  and i should really do it for more than a weekend.

4.  cook and bake more.  i have a brand new food mom-mom's old mixer...a love of eating everything...a baby that keeps me home more...and a husband that needs feeding.  sounds like a recipe for some good home-cooking.  nothing crazy or fancy...but not just the trusty crockpot meals.  this one might actually be one of the harder resolutions to keep!!!

what are your resolutions???

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  1. love this - especially the crab bisque story!

    i suck at resolutions. i don't think i've made/kept one ever. but... i like the complain less compliment more one!