Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fabulous knits for winter

these fabulous knits may be from the runway, but you can find some cozy sweaters and lumberjack plaid at old navy or target...check these out:
cable-knit tie-belt cardigan
boat-neck sweater dress  

cala fair isle knit slippers
converse one star townsend shirt
(i have a little collection of men's small plaid shirts from target...they are the perfect nursing mom's uniform with some leggings and my frye boots or trusty uggs).  or you can pick one up for the man in your life of course.


  1. is it bad that the shirt i'm wearing today looks EXACTLY the same as the one on that guy?

  2. ahn, it is not bad, since kate bought every single MEN'S shirt from target for herself.

  3. true story, true story...and i happen to have my red one on today too!