Wednesday, January 25, 2012

trip to the pictures

we have the most fabulous local zoo just down the road.  and get is free.  yes, free.  nothing is ever free anymore, right?

so on sunny days quinn and i go there and walk and visit with the animals.  when he is older, i plan to get books about each animal and we can study and then visit them and watch as they grow and change.  i am pretty excited to live so near to this great place.  of course, i do feel badly that these animals are not roaming free in there natural habitat and i kinda hate zoos sometimes for cooping animals up inside all these cages and bars.  but zoos are probably here to stay so i will embrace them for the learning experience they provide.  

that being said, here are pics of our most recent trip:

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  1. wonderful photos! the tiger is so up close to you than the ones at the zoos we've been to. && ya, y'all are so lucky to have a free zoo closeby!! I love your animal study idea too :))
    much love,