Monday, October 3, 2011

stuff i currently wonder about

~ how some women eat their own placenta in pill form (it is dried and then pulverized or something) after childbirth.  it is called placentophagy and it is supposed to keep baby blues at bay.  most other mammals eat their afterbirth, so should we?

~ when i will ever sleep through the night again?  

~why did shannyn sossamon (the really pretty actress from a knight's tale who is heath ledger's love interest) name her baby audio science clayton?

~ will quinn ever wean himself from nursing or will i be breastfeeding him forever?

~ am i single-handedly keeping in business because i feel like i order stuff from there all the time.  it has become an ocd aspect of my life.  i need something...i look up the price at our local wegmans, target, walmart, etc.  guess beats the price every time and always arrives in 2-3 business days.  for free.  i heart you amazon.

~will mike and i be able to physically handle moving our bedroom set out of the house?  it is huge and heavy and awkward.  or will we take a chainsaw to it and hack it into several convenient-sized pieces because we refuse to hire movers for two dressers?

~why can't i get raw milk in new jersey?  it is legal to drink alcohol at 21 years old, legal to smoke cigarettes at 18 years old (18...right), and you can buy any of those crazy rockstart/redbull/caffeine-and-chemical-infused sugary drinks whenever...yet it is illegal to buy raw milk in nj.  soooo ridiculous.

~will i ever appear on getoffmyinternets?  maybe when i hit the 100-follower mark they will tune into the nonsense that i babble hear from time to time?  

~will my sister bridget and i ever live near one another?  i am talking near enough to grab coffee whenever, to go food shopping together (cause we have fun and laugh doing even that), to buy some fabulous space and open up a vintage clothing and furniture boutique or something.  i wish.  i really wish.

~will quinn be blessed to have a sister or brother one day in the future?  will i feel like i am cheating on quinn when/if i get pregnant again?  what the heck will that be like?  and will baby #2 be a premie too or can my body get it together and deliver at term?

~why is facebook the forum for which people decide to tell you they don't like you...or rather to NOT tell you but to just de-friend you?  facebook = drama.  and these are grown women i am talking about.  silly and sad.

~ will rachel zoe please give me her hand me downs?  please rachel?  i am taller than you but you wear those huge heels all the time, so your pants are probably pretty long.  come on, rachel, whaddya say?


  1. audio silence, really? she's so cute too. dumb. she's the hottie from the holiday who jack black likes before he falls for kate winslet too, right??

    i think you should hack the bedroom set with one of the four chainsaws dad currently has in your storage unit, yes?

    i totally wonder (literally was... just today) if we'll ever live near each other too. i hope i hope i hope. and yeah, i'm not talking 30 minutes. i'm talking walking distance.

    i wonder when i'll get back to europe.

    alright bridge, stop making this about you.

  2. @bridget - i am down with the walking-distance idea. seriously! yes, she is the cheating good-for-nothing girlfriend from the holiday. and between the chainsaws and pick axes and who knows what else he left there, i think we could demolish that bedroom set with no problem whatsoever. thought of another one: who would play me in my made-for-tv-movie about my life?

  3. @kate... gwyneth paltrow... you're pretty alike in looks and in lifestyle! twins?

    yes.. I'm procrastinating my grad school take home midterm.. sooo thanks for your late night blogging!

  4. hi kate i'm new to your blog, i found it from bridget's blog that i found from another blog...anyway i totally hear you on the raw millk thing--that's crazy!

    and i'm really intrigued by the eating your after-birth thing. let me know if you ever meet anybody who's done that or if any of your patients do the hospital...after they give birth. yah it sounds pretty gross! but i guess if it helps...

  5. i wonder the same thing about me and my sister. i thoroughly enjoyed these ponderings of yours.

  6. Have you checked online for raw milk? You can purchase an animal share and recieve milk from your animal. Some places will still do that.

  7. I wonder some of these things too.

    I wante d to make placenta pills. but my midwife (in a hospital) claimed my "placenta was infected" and it got thrown out. Next time.