Tuesday, October 4, 2011

change is good

i am in denial a bit this week that we will be moving on saturday.  

truly, i have been more than excited to move closer to mike's business, to have long walks on the beach, to actually sit down to dinner as a family at a normal time, to decorate a new home, to meet new people and share new experiences.

but i am also pretty bummed that we are no longer going to be living in this house.  it will always be our first home and even though we have only spent a little over two years here, we have lived SO MUCH in that short time.  our two families came together to move us in, donating much of the furniture that decorates it's rooms.  we have learned so much about home ownership,  ripping apart an entire bathroom with only two hammers and a screw-driver before we finally asked our neighbor for a crowbar or installing a hot water heater with dad's help.  we've dealt with small catastrophes, like the drain pipe backing up into our basement, camel crickets on the attack, the threat of hurricane irene taking down one of our many tall pine trees or flooding our basement.  

we've had so many laughs here.  we've had some tears too. it was in our downstairs bathroom that we learned we were pregnant and in our kitchen that we cried.  we leaned over my very pregnant belly to dance to ray lamontagne in front of the fireplace and then welcomed quinn into the world mere days later.  now i dance with him to the same song in the same place.  quinn took his first bath in our upstairs bathroom sink and somehow managed to pee into his own ear.  he rolled over for the first time in his bedroom.  we've paced the halls and rooms thousands of times, rocking him to sleep.  he learned to walk on our front sidewalk.  and the three of us have shared so much time snuggling in that front bedroom.

but change is good and keeps you fresh and alive.  new challenges await us and there are so many new memories to be made.  but i will always remember our first home because it is where our little family began.  i pray our next home is as warm and wonderful as the first we created and that the new homeowners have as many blessings as we did in our old home.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post. I love to hear the memories associated with each space. I too, thought of the things I did while pregnant and now the things I do WITH my little girl in my arms.
    Good luck with the new home.
    Sweet Serendipity

  2. ughhh this has me emotional. im going to be the same way when/if we leave this house. seriously. parker's first fill-in-the-blank was here! parker was conceived here (haha). blah blah blah.

    your next house will be great too though.

  3. Bridget, me too. Damn I am going to miss that place! Where will I park my bike or stop after my runs or come over to vent and cry and have a great glass of wine???

    Kate, guess we will have to continue at the new home...can't wait to see it.