Monday, September 26, 2011

truer words were never spoken

i bought this card for mike when we had been through what we thought was the craziest year yet.  new house, new business, new car, someone got our bank account info and stole money from us, and we had just found out we were pregnant.  but if the saying above is true, then we were definitely living...or just hanging on for dear life.

this print from etsy says it all.  

must remember this more often.

my life feels a little stormy right now.  better get dancing.

etsy does it again.  i want this one.

and i may actually get this one.  we're moving to the beach, right?


  1. I'm currently in a bit of a storm myself. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. i love prints like these! they put it all into perspective... and there's always room for dancing. cut a rug, girlfriend. : )

  3. I love all of those prints... I had a rough night and all of these introspections were so Poignant! Xoxo