Wednesday, September 28, 2011

because decor is on my mind all night long

me:  "so i was thinking about that chippendale that you hate..."
mike (eye rolling and exaggerated):  "yyyyeeeessss....(sigh)"
me:  "why can't you just let me mention a thing or two about decorating the new house?"
mike: " a thing or two...really?"

truth:  it is really on my mind all the time.  at night when i can't sleep i walk through the house and decorate it with stuff i have, stuff i want, and stuff that i will soon be inheriting from my parents as they have just downsized their home.

me: "shut up and let me be excited."
mike: "fine."
me: "so i was thinking that we could put the sofa in the living room with the flokati rug so that it won't look to traditional."
mike: "great.  sounds good."
me: "the we can put the persian rug in the master bedroom."
mike: "uh huh."
me: "and i was thinking we should paint all the walls white or at least all light light light colors."
mike: "ok."
me: "a monkey just flew out of my butt."
mike: "sure, whatever you want."

ok, so that last part never actually was said, but it may as well have been!  trust me, he feigns not caring about decorating but in actuality the man has opinions.  and he is downright stubborn, so i have to start early to plant the seeds of my design ideas.  we'll see how it goes.  for now, i just have some more eye-candy.

side note: the chippendale sofa has fabulous lines and is really great.  EXCEPT for the fact that it is covered in pink/red/green/maybe some yellow stripes and seriously needs updating.  reupholstering costs a small fortune so it has a crappy slipcover over it now.  once it is out and proud i will post a picture.  then when i win the lottery i will have it recovered.  

two previous images from  love the light and airy looks to these two rooms.  will aspire to decorate own home in this fashion...


  1. Cute blog! I'm your newest follower. :)

  2. i looooove that first room and wish it were mine. also loving the rug in the second.

  3. When we first moved into our house two years ago I literally could not sleep because I would be dreaming and planning each room in my head. So much fun.

    Love that last room, especially the rug!

  4. Oh, let us be your outlet! Talk about decorating all you want, girl. I'll echo everyone else... love that 2nd rug. Damn. Love it.

  5. yay sara luke and brooklyn (love the name brooklyn by the way)!

    thanks guys - i plan on taking you all on my journey through decorating with all my budget-obsessed, parents' hand-me-downs, modern/minimalist intentions!!! should be interesting to see how it all plays out!

  6. I love all the light in these rooms! Great blog, too! Glad to be following :)