Tuesday, September 13, 2011

happy things this morning

happy tuesday morning everyone!
i am feeling overwhelmed but happy.

this is why:

we are approaching settlement on our current home and have reached a verbal agreement on a purchase price for this home.  i have already begun to decorate the home in my mind, especially when i can't sleep.  i have also started snapping pictures of homes in my neighborhood so that i can copy their paint scheme.  i look like a creepy stalker taking hidden shots with my phone as i walk by these homes disguised as a mom with a baby carriage.  anyway...i am thinking light gray with white trim and black shutters.  thoughts?

perfect breakfast of vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, granola and honey.  couple that with a huge steaming cup of coffee...heaven.

this kid waving "hi" this morning while i made breakfast makes the sleepless-because-of-two-more-teeth-coming-in all worth it.

these two new lipsticks i picked up yesterday.  and no mike, they are not the same color!
revlon's fire & ice and orange flip.

quinn's shoes.  and his little hand reaching for them.  he has pretty much been barefoot since the day he was born.  socks in the winter, but rarely shoes.  lately we have been putting on a pair and waking hand-in-hand down the street.  he barely needs my support, but he won't take more than a step or two without it.  


  1. ohhh a new house! I love the possibilities of a new house! fun lipstick. adorable baby. yummy breakfast! woo hoo!

  2. so exciting!! and that breakfast looks delishhhh. now to find granola in Chile... or makings for granola (impossible).

  3. So excited for you guys, although I know moving can be quite stressful. Here's hoping for a smooth transition. I am always a fan of gray with black shutters. Classic. Little Quinn's hand reaching for his shoes is precious. He knows cool kicks when he sees them.

    oh... give us a report on the new lip color?!

  4. LOVE the new house and LOVE your potential paint colors! Congrats!

  5. i'm liking the possible colors, sista. and quinn's waving. and the shoes. parker's hand me downs? yes please.

  6. those shoes are adorable!good luck on the house purchase..