Friday, September 9, 2011

happy 1st birthday to my little man quinn

it was a year ago today that quinn made his way into the world.
he did it with some gusto, too, five weeks earlier than expected. 
our birth story is one of my most favorite tales to tell.
from the start, quinn was stubborn and fiery and beautiful and had his mind made up about what he did or did not want.  

quinn:  i think i am ready to come out now.
me:  why not wait a little bit?  i like you in my belly.
quinn:  but i heard all my aunt's are in town.  seems like a good time to come out to me.
me:  really?
quinn:  really.

quinn: you want me to keep this NG tube in?  
nurse: well, yes...we would like to give you milk through it.
quinn:  not today, lady.  not today.
insert image of quinn promptly pulling his NG tube out mere hours after it's insertion, deciding he would rather strictly nurse from mama and bottle feed from dad.

he has been nothing short of our little miracle.  each day he fills us with joy, more joy than i ever thought possible for one lifetime.  i can't wait to see him grow and learn and conquer the world.  he is the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

here are a few pictures of his first day of extra-uterine life and the day we brought him home from the hospital.   

here he is on his birthday morning...such a good start to a special day.  



    calling you in a little bit.

    also, love the dialogue between quinn/you/nurses. so funny.

    "not today lady, not today."

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, Quinn!

    I agree with Bridget. Quinn's dialogue was cracking me up.

    I know it will be a very special day for you guys.


  3. happy birthday to one very cute little guy!

  4. Happy Birthday Quinn! I love all the photos, so precious.

  5. HBQ!

    I have one of those 5-week-early firecrackers too. 4 1/2 pounds of sheer determination.