Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a new baby boy and skype. hooray skype!

when you can't rush up north to be with your sister while she is in labor, what's the next best thing?


 when you can't immediately visit her to see her and her new baby boy, what is your next best option?


parker made small noises here and there but was otherwise the most chill baby during our little chats.  i sang him "you are my sunshine" and then i cried.  he couldn't have cared less.  i love you little parker!  can't wait to skype again soon!


  1. i know the feeling of not being there with your sister during such sweet times! it almost hurts!!
    my sister and i had our little ones 6 weeks apart. she couldn't travel to my baby shower (she had her first baby at 33 weeks) so she "attended" it via skype. not the same as having her there, but it was the next best thing. congratulations on becoming an "auntie"!

  2. Aww! He is precious! Congrats bridget!! I can't wait until she posts some sweet pictures of him! So neat y'all skipped through the labor!

    Congrats to a proud aunt! :)