Wednesday, August 3, 2011

beachy style for the home

our house is still on the market and i have faith that it will sell when it is good and ready and that the perfect couple will see it, love it, and buy it.  

in the meantime i can daydream about what my house down the shore will look like, especially if i had a million dollars.  i never go for the theme-y houses but i do like the idea of homes that are styled to fit the location.  airy, light, full of natural materials that are local and beautiful.   

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  1. I'm pretty sure drool on the keyboard is bad for overall laptop health.

    First, real curtains are infinitely better that a shower curtain. I had no idea. But now that I do, I will never look at my tub the same.

    Second, curtains are completely unnecessary when your bathroom is the size of my current bedroom with exposed beams and white siding. I want.

    If you find piles of money and really have more than you need, I'm your girl. I'll bring my own truck and everything.

  2. I love all of these photos. omg