Monday, August 8, 2011

my #1 baby essential

i have been asked by countless friends (and a sister), what i consider to be baby essentials.  i have gone as far as actually doing a few baby shower registries.  there are entirely too many baby products on the market and most of them are completely unnecessary.  of course, i fell into the trap here and there and have a few things that i really don't need, but overall i would say i have the essentials down to a manageable list.  

here is my #1 baby essential:

my moby wrap

this is why:

i know i have mentioned the moby wrap before but i have never gone into much detail about why i love it so much.  some say “nine months in, nine months out.”  your baby is inside for nine months but then should be carried close to you for an additional nine months.  i have heard it referred to as the “missing fourth trimester” as well.  quinn was a late preterm baby born at 35 weeks, weighing in at a whopping 4 lb 8 oz.  i was nowhere near ready to give up being pregnant and i know he was not quite done cooking!  

baby had all of his needs met while inside of you, but just because it was time to be delivered, doesn’t mean he should have it all figured out.  wearing your baby helps you to become attuned to his needs, his sounds, his personality.  it allows for easy nursing (even when in public), newborns actually nurse and sleep better while moving (even better than just rocking), he feels comfort hearing your heartbeat and smelling you, and he learns to trust that his needs are met because you are right there for him.  he begins to build confidence that his cues are heard and understood and he trusts you.  you build confidence in yourself as a new mom because the constant closeness allows you to intimately know your baby and meet his needs quickly and with accuracy.  plus, your hands are free to eat, do laundry, cook, shop, etc.  and baby is safe while in public, free from germy people who can’t stop themselves from reaching out to touch the little bundle. 

quinn and i would often go for walks in the winter and i could zip up a nice warm coat around the two of us.  i have worn him in the moby wrap on the beach, going for a walk so that he could take a snooze.  when he is having a rather grumpy day, i still put him in the moby wrap and it soothes and calms him.  in fact, he starts to get a bit excited when i begin to wrap it around myself.  can't say enough good things!

i should probably get stock in this company...


  1. Ah! I went back and forth for a while just after Levi was born about this exact wrap. I never did purchase it and now that he is nearly 10 months old, I am wish I did more baby-wearing. Next time...

  2. Hey now, I need to go back and read your birth story. My Phin was born at 34 weeks plus a couple of days and was also a little babe under 5 lbs. I had a couple of different carriers and he hated them. I pretty much just carried him in my arms everywhere. I think the hands free thing would have really helped in that slightly claustrophobic "I can't believe I'm a Mom and whoa it was supposed to be at least another month" phase. I'm definitely trying a Moby next time. I've only heard good things.

  3. Kate! I love my moby too. But I feel stuck now that Behr is 16 lbs and the initial wrapping position aren't working as well. How do you wear Quinn now? I would love a how-to post!

  4. Yay! I am so excited to use mine. I just have to get the process down via a youtube instructional video and I will be good to go! Love it.


  5. i will have to do a how-to video for you all. i am sure there are a ton out there but if i can help in any way...i am excited to do it!