Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my 31st birthday

my 31st birthday was just last week, july 21st.  it started like any other up early.  playtime.  hot as heck (car registered 111) around here so we stayed inside.  hung out with a neighborhood friend.  then mike came home with the most fabulous and tasty peach blackberry pie.

the next night we went to dinner at a new local restaurant.  my friend rachel came to babysit our little man for a few hours so we could steal away alone.  a bottle of great wine and some fancier clothes.  fried goat cheese, strip steak and red velvet cake for me.  tuna tartare, porterhouse steak and apple bourbon bread pudding for mike.  rachel sent pictures of quinn and their time together, knowing it would be most welcome.  back home in time for quinn's bedtime.  it was a great night.

on saturday morning, mike treated me to a massage at the most wonderful aveda spa.  i left feeling so refreshed and peaceful.  next up was the neighborhood pool with quinn.  he loved having mike there, showed off the whole time, and is seriously part-fish.  he waded in the water and tried walking back and forth between us, looking like a drunken sailor.   
what a fabulous birthday it was.  


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the picture of the babe dangling over the cake!

  2. Happy Bday!!! What was the new restaurant you guys tried?? We miss Colls and all the great places to eat. Quinn is just too cute and that is so great he loves the water- a future Erlton star perhaps?


  3. @katie - ralic's is the restaurant. owned by one of the competitors on hell's kitchen. and they get their desserts from the cake boss in hoboken. i may have liked my appetizer and dessert better than the steak. but it was still tasty. and yes...quinn may as well have webbed toes he likes the water so much!

  4. the upside down quinn pictures have me in hysterics.

  5. Quinny rocks and so do his parents! I am borrowing that dress BTW!