Friday, March 18, 2011

smitten list

rainbow sandals
cause it just means summer is around the corner and i will be living in a pair of these.  guess i should get these hooves back into flip-flop shape.  in a previous confession, i divulged that i had not painted my toes since before quinn was born.  still true.  6 months later.  as you may have guessed, mike isn't all that into feet (luckily).
theory cordell maxi dress
my new maxi dress because i L.O.V.E maxi dresses and this one is the softest and most comfortable i have found yet.  and it is stretchy enough that i can yank it down and nurse baby boy.  tmi?  i don't think so.  
orgain organic protein shakes from wegman's
perfect for the nursing momma who needs the extra protein and calories.  and it does taste good.  i buy them by the case.
sukan owls pillows
i think i just may be into owls and never really realized it until now.  i bought a stuffed owl for my sister's baby-to-be, i have an owl paper weight and owl salt and pepper shakers.  hmmmm...
heather lins home numbered edition coasters
i think they are super cute and i love numbered things.  is that weird?  i thought about stenciling numbers on the backs of my kitchen chairs but haven't gotten around to it yet.  so maybe these will quiet that need for a bit.


  1. Are you going to be that lady (the older one) with the millions of owl trinkets that takes over your house and yard one day? : ) they're cute!

  2. Love the dress! I love dresses in general but have a hard time finding some that you can breastfeed in. I'm pregnant with #2 now so I got a bunch of maternity ones for the summer that I'm hoping will still work for breastfeeding.

  3. @fitwithflash: i may be well on my way to being one of those women without even knowing it!

    @verna: i am all about dresses too and finding the same struggle with nursing in them. i am keeping my eyes open for strapless ones from target or old navy so i can easily (very easily, in fact) pop one out for baby boy.

  4. forever 21! strapless maxi dresses, woowee!