Monday, March 21, 2011

if you had to choose...

my sister and i are a little silly.

when we are away on vacation in the middle of nowhere, we can be even sillier when passing the time.
so as it were we began asking everyone "if you had to choose between so and so and so and so, who would you choose?"
of course, rather than just play the game, people asked all sorts of questions.  so it became, "you are shackled to a raft and it is sinking and you have two other people on the raft and you have to shoot one of them or you will all drown, who would you shoot?" i said, silly.
when it came time for bridget to ask mike it went something like this:
bridget:  if you had to choose between kate and quinn, who would you shoot?
mike (without a moment's pause):  kate
mike:  if i had to choose between kate or quinn getting a cold, i'd shoot kate.

and in all seriousness, this is the perfect answer for me.  love that husband of mine because he loves quinn so well.


  1. i thought i left this comment earlier. guess not. here goes again.

    NATHANIEL asked that question. DUH i knew what the answer would be.

    here's another for mike: if it was kate or quinn having a semi-painful fart, would he still shoot kate? probs.

  2. hahah! I lOVE this. SO MUCH. Good husband. good daddy.

  3. SUCH a gorgeous photo. your son is so, so precious! :)

  4. good answer mike - you are a wise man!

  5. yes, he would still shoot me i am sure. like i said, he loves quinn so well.

  6. that last picture is so beautiful! good answers mike :b