Friday, January 7, 2011

breast milk is the new windex

i know you have all seen it.  my big fat greek wedding.  so you may remember that they use windex to treat just about any ailment.  i feel the same way about breast milk.  call me crazy, but that liquid gold is the bomb!

i put it on quinn's baby acne and it cleared up in less than a week.  shoot a little onto a cotton ball and viola!  then while giving quinn a little back massage after his bath, i shot some onto his diaper rash (literally) and it too has gone away.  yes, i put some powder on it too but i am convinced it is the breast milk.

(would totally insert picture of my lactating breast here...but i am a bit too shy for that)

lastly, i am putting some on his little "love button" too.  what the heck is his love button, you ask?  his strawberry hemangioma above his left eye.  it has gotten slightly bigger since it first appeared, but nothing as dramatic as others i have heard about.  maybe it's the breast milk??


  1. hahahaha, he is so frigging cute in that picture.

    you are the windex woman in my big fat greek wedding.

    i have some zits, maybe you'll give me some when im down?

  2. sure thing...i have some leftover just for you!

  3. yay for you being my 50th follower! (I don't have a million dollar prize for you, but I still appreciate it!) yay for breast milk! ew for Bridget wanting to put some on her face... that's not the ish...

  4. yes, that bridget is a bit of a whack-a-doo. love your blog!