Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ahhhh...feels good

it has been close to a week but i finally shaved my legs and armpits!
huzzah!  hooray!  it's about damn time!
and i feel good.  the snow outside kept mike from work so he was here to preoccupy quinn while i took as luxurious a shower as a twenty-year-old hot water heater would allow (yes, it is being replaced on sunday...thanks dad!).  this despite the fact that i also am losing sooo muuuuch hair these days (my shower wall is covered in discarded hair because i HATE the feel of wet hair stuck to my hands, legs, back...ewww) that most of my shower is spent unclogging my drain.  but still...i have smooth, silky legs again!

this is no small feat, considering my last shower went a little like this:
1.  mike and dad are downstairs installing dishwasher
2.  quinn and i both need bathing asap since we are headed to a party in two hours.
3.  put space heater in bathroom on full-blast
4.  gather all supplies
5.  place towel and baby blanket on floor of bathroom
6.  place baby on blanket in only his diaper
7.  get in shower with curtain only half-closed
8.  sing me and bobby mcgee, killing me softly, brass in pocket, you are my sunshine, and anything else i can make up while dancing around the tub
9.  manage to wash only hair and body before baby is tired of listening to me sing and watching me dance
10.  pick baby up and wash him
11.  both get out of shower
so we may have been a bit cleaner, but that no frills shower left me something to be desired.


  1. Kate! Love the blog. Super excited to follow your mom stories! Isn't breastfeeding the best?! I loved it and JUST stopped nursing Aidan at the tender age of 18 months! ha. Quinn is too cute and i'm so glad you are enjoying his every moment. Sorry to hear you are tired- working sleep deprived is the worst form of torture EVER! xoxo

  2. hi katie! how is it that we haven't yet met up with one another? we need a serious grooveground date soon! how are you? how is aidan? i plan on nursing until the milk runs out or quinn decides he is done with it. i am working only two nights a week and have ample time to pump so far, so all should be well. let me know when you are around. would LOVE to catch up.

  3. Hey!! We actually moved! We bought a house in washington township- so more collingswood :( I would totally come up for a coffee date!!! I am doing great- aidan is awesome. He's 19 months now and at such a fun age- hard to believe your little Quinn will be there but time really does fly! So glad nursing is going so well- it's such an amazing experience. We should pick a date and we will come up to hang out!