Tuesday, January 17, 2012

still nursing...

yes...16 months and still nursing as if his life depended on it...which it doesn't considering he eats 3 meals a day and snacks in between.

nursing a toddler has some great points and some not so great points.  for one, it gives us time to sit and connect and relax amidst all of the exploration and hustle that fills our days.  bumped heads and pinched fingers are all better so much faster when quinn gets some "na na."  and i know that he is still getting the nutrients that he needs despite being a picky eater at times.    having just moved and switched from night work to day work and with all the changes, nursing has been such a source of comfort and consistency for the dude.  

on the other hand, the boy is super strong and i think he may suck my nip off one of these days, especially when he hears a truck thundering down the road and must quickly unlatch to point and tell me "ttttrrrruuuccckkk."  night nursings have also somewhat lost their appeal.  i think i am ready to sleep through the night at last.  but certainly, the good continues to outweigh the bad for me.  

i don't know when we will wean either.  i would like quinn to just wean himself and make it easy on us both.  don't see that happening in the near future, but one never knows.  i don't want to be nursing if i am pregnant again.  i just feel sore thinking about that.  

thoughts on nursing?  weaning? 


  1. Weaning is the saddest and hardest thing I've ever had to do and I've had to do it twice. Nurse as long as you feel happy doing it.

  2. i love nursing. really do. hate pumping at work, especially when i barely have time or don't produce much. but i am hoping this little man weans himself so that i am just along for the ride.

  3. I've now nearly weaned my 18-month-old daughter, mostly because I'm 3 months pregnant. We both loved nursing while it lasted, but weaning actually wasn't that difficult. I love finding other young moms who nurse toddlers, too! It seems we're somewhat in the minority these days. Anyway, I would continue as long as you're both enjoying it. It really is such a sweet gift!

  4. @kelsey - that is just so cool that you are nursing while pregnant, even though you are in the process of weaning. i think that may be the perfect and most natural way to do it for me too... and i too am happy to hear of other mamas nursing walking/talking toddlers. it can be so special to have these perfect little time-outs from the crazy world.

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  6. Coming up on 17 months of nursing, but will soon be weaning. Dropping the last middday feeding was a very emotional weekend, so I get a little teary thinking that it will all be stopping soon. But, there is some medication that I need to take that I can't while breastfeeding or pregnant, so it has to come to an end. I feel blessed to have gone so long with our little one. Such a great bonding experience!