Friday, January 20, 2012

scribbling away

we had a pediatrician appointment the other day, our first at this new office where we moved.  quinn did NOT like the nosy doctor sticking cold metal objects in his ears, on his chest, on his back, etc.  he is so ridiculously protective of his ears, nose, mouth that i have a difficult time actually seeing if any teeth are even busting through because he really doesn't let me.  and forget trying to clean his ears.  he's that dirty toddler with the wax build-up, but whatev!  it had been about 4 months since we had last visited a pediatrician and quinn seemed to have become this independent-thinking and grown little man.  so the doctor asked all the typical questions, did the measurements, and so on.  quinn is apparently a scrawny big-headed kid.  he is under the 5th percentile in both weight and length but his head is in the 70th.  and that is not adjusted for his prematurity either.  it is surprising too because i am fairly tall for a girl at 5'8" and mike is 6'1" so who knows what is to become of this little guy.  but his brain is growing by the second so the doc said that there is nothing he would do differently.  phew!  as for milestones, quinn has a ton of words he likes to throw around and he is running all over the place.  "does he scribble with crayons?" the doctor asked.  "seriously?  he would just eat them" i said.  "well try to give him the crayons, show him what to do, and then see what he does and take them away before he eats them."  

does he scribble?

{side note:  bath crayons actually from auntie bridget, not from gaga as erroneously mentioned in video.  my bad.}


  1. I'm so happy to see the move went well! Im also glad your back blogging!! I nanny for a Quinn! He's gotten big from just a few months ago!!

  2. And don't you forget it Quinn! (the bath crayons!)

    I can't watch the vid. On my phone. Parker and I are in a fight right now.

  3. @brittany - yes...the move has come and gone finally and we are finally settling in. just got carpet in the den yesterday - huzzah! and yes, it is crazy how big he seems to have grown in such a short time!

    @bridget - you are the #1 aunt...blah blah blah...happy now? and why are you and parker fighting? cause he (and therefore you) are up at 2am posting on ma blog?