Wednesday, September 7, 2011

we move closer to moving

my days and nights are filled with thoughts of all the things i must do:

~call the plumber
~call the window guy
~wrap quinn's presents
~pay the invoice for the roofers
~take a walk with quinn
~get concrete inspected
~where are the red balloons with the "1" on them that i ordered?
~get electrician to look at random wires in attic
~buy food for quinn's party
~when did i last shower?
~make quinn's birthday shirt
~play with quinn
~sleep...who needs sleep?
~pick out a healthy cupcake recipe to make for quinn's birthday
~do i really have to go to work again on thursday night?
~oh yeah...breathe

we are fast approaching our settlement date of october 10th and time is moving too fast.
quinn turns one on friday and his party is on saturday.  amidst all of the craziness i am trying to maintain my sanity and to put quinn ahead of all of the other details.  he is getting so big so quickly.  he learned how to crawl down the stairs, he feeds me bites of mozzarella cheese, he can pick out his rubber duck and call it by name now.  so even though my head is swimming with all the things i need to do, i need to not lose sight of what's important and to be thankful that things are falling into place.  in a few short weeks we will  be living down the shore, a stone's throw from where mike works, a short drive from both sets of quinn's grandparents, and things will eventually calm down.  all will be well.


  1. kate, maybe if you would effing put quinn down to CIO you'd have more time to do all of those things that run through your head at night, you idiot.


    wiiiiish i was going to be there for his 1st birthday party. also, you look like you are maybe 15 in that pic of you guys on the farm. kewt.

  2. @bridget - you are too funny. and i wish you were going to be here too. did you find our sleepy little town for our weekend trips yet? what are you waiting for? and i don't look 15! i look at least 17!

  3. Hi! I saw your link on another blog. You will have to post the cupcake recipe if you find a good one! :-) Good luck getting everything done!