Monday, September 19, 2011

sleeping after a long day at the pool

is there anything more fabulous than having your perfect soft and warm baby cuddled up and sleeping on you after a long day in the sun?

obviously, the answer is no, there is nothing better in the world.  unless you are a heartless bastard.  only kidding...only kidding.

here we are after the pool one day.  mike captured the two of us napping together.  i wonder if i can convince quinn to take naps like this until, say, his wedding day and then only on holidays thereafter.


  1. it makes me sooooo happy that quinn is still sleeping like that because im all worried that parker is gonna be over sleeping on me like next month. but, if all goes accordingly, it looks like i got at least a year of it, thank god.

  2. What a beautiful picture! Good job, Mike.

  3. i don't have kids, but i love when i'm holding somebody else's kid and they fall asleep on me. i melt.