Friday, August 26, 2011

random thoughts on friday

~ quinn took his first steps in MA over the weekend.  literally one...maybe one and a half steps.  he better stop it right now.  he also just learned how to turn around and crawl DOWN the stairs.  i want to put him back inside and keep him small forever.

~ our home inspection is over and all is good.  just have to fix a few things and wait for the other pieces to fall into place.  now we have to see about our next home!  

~ packing up feels completely overwhelming right now.  probably because it is.  is that too much to put a "donate" button at the bottom of this blog so people can hire professional packers and movers for us?  yes...probably too much.

~ i love tamale pie!  thanks jenni for the recipe.  i will have to post it for you all.  it is delish and then some.  i just brought it over to a friend who just had a baby.  her husband and i discussed how if you put cornbread on anything, we'd eat it.  i offered "if you put cornbread on sh&t i would eat it.  if you put sour cream on that cornbread and sh&t sandwich, then i would really eat it."  

~ i am having a difficult time trying to plan quinn's first birthday.  maybe it is a combination of a crazy life right now and a bit of denial.  he is growing up too fast.  it makes my heart ache.  but as i was just telling my sister the other day, it all goes by so fast and i long for the days when he was a fresh newborn...yet when he crawls into my room looking for me, says "mama" and his face lights up with the biggest smile i am so happy that we are where we are right now.  

~ is this hurricane irene thing really going to happen?  i mean...if earthquakes can pop on over to NJ then i guess anything is possible, right?

~ i'm hungry for waffles.


  1. Reading this makes me wish that the little baby growing inside me right now will never come out. Because then it will grow up and do things like walk and talk and get married. I'm just not ready for that.

    Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Danielle, I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago after your guest post on your Tales of Me and the Husband. My fav post so far has been the one about not letting your baby cry it out. The Peaceful Parenting blog that you cited is so good! Thanks for the link :)

  2. you're funny. i'd eat parker's dirty diaper with cornbread on it.

    and seriously, this hurricane? got a msg from my inlaws (you know) saying "we hope you guys are heading west for a hotel". right.

    also, let's find a way, you and me, to put babies back inside. a vagina opening instrument that somehow works.

  3. wait until they go on boardwalk rides all. by. themselves. Then, like me, you will start crying while watching them go around and around the fire truck ride all the while waving and smiling- so bittersweet.


  4. Go Quinney G0! I can't believe he is walking. Love it! Well, actually I can believe. That boy was and is determined. Smarty pants.