Monday, August 22, 2011

daytripping to portsmouth, nh

no pictures that i ACTUALLY took of portsmouth.  it rained.  got sunny.  rained some more.  carrying a baby and all of his accoutrements in said rain made me leave my camera in the car.  and there were some really great scenes that i would have loved to capture. 

we wandered around the city.  ate delicious ice cream (where the kid's scoop is legitimately a scoop of ice cream and not a tablespoon-full).  i had minty mint cookies-n-cream.  delish.  we saw the waterfront with colorful tugboats.  lots of shops (my credit card actually remained INSIDE my wallet...hey there self-control!).  even more restaurants and bars.  gardens.  adorable houses.  and some very interesting and colorful people (insert image of tranny in full polyester pantsuit and makeup).

now to find a bed-n-breakfast and a quaint little byob for me and mike for our fantasy date.  perfect.

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