Wednesday, March 9, 2011

heathen no more!

quinn's baptism was this weekend and it was such a beautiful day.    it was warm and the sun was shining. our immediate families joined us for a small service at our church.  our dear friend father tom celebrated the baptism and made it so fabulously personal and warm.  we chose auntie bridget (my sister and the maid of honor in our wedding) as quinn's godmother and uncle bill (mike's brother and his best man) as his godfather.  bridget will be goofy and fun and teach quinn tolerance and love.  bill will continue to be totally taken with quinn and teach him to be fiscally responsible (seriously...the boy needs this with us for parents).  i could not believe that time was flying so fast, quinn was almost 6 months old already, and here we were at his baptism.  he gave one little revolt in the beginning before drifting off to sleep.  he didn't even awaken with water and oils being poured over his head.  and he looked absolutely adorable (is it okay for me to keep talking about how ridiculously cute he is considering i made him?) in his prepster/non-traditional white attire.  i was overcome with emotion when tom invited all the mothers and mother-to-be to lay hands on me and pray for me.  to have such strong and amazing women surround me with such love was incredibly moving and powerful.  tom asked the fathers to do the same with mike.  what a blessing to have such fabulous role models in our life.  after the service, we partied at our house.  some billy holiday tunes, shots of tequila, delicious food, way too many desserts, and great conversation.  just a magical day.

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