Saturday, February 19, 2011

love getting presents from the sister

my sister bridget and i are separated by about 5 hours (if her husband drives) or 6 hours (if anyone else drives).  that doesn't stop us from calling one another multiple times a day, talking on skype, and sending each other little care packages in the mail.  i just sent her a little "baby-on-the-way" package (now that the baby,, is out of the bag) with a stuffed owl for baby hunt, a skirt that will accommodate bridget's ever-expanding belly, and some of the chocolate-covered s'mores that i have been addicted to.

so the other day i received this pretty little package.  came on valentine's sweet!

so quinn and i skype-d (is that really a verb?) with bridget as i opened the little treasure.  what a lovely surprise.  

now, where should i hang it????

1 comment:

  1. oh gosh, we're really pretty sweet aren't we?

    aaaand i look kinda crazy in that skype picture.