Friday, December 10, 2010

my smitten list

quinn's smiles
my son quinn is now 13 weeks old and though he does not like to sleep much these days, his smiles make me swoon. he awakens in the morning looking something like this. i live for these smiles and they make the sleepless nights seem a bit less severe.

early christmas gifts from sisters

i recently received this package in the mail with this fabulous necklace waiting inside. my sister bridget and i always exchange the most fabulous gifts and never seem to be able to wait until christmas to open them. she purchased this lovely number from lisa bruemmer (treeandkimball) on Etsycan't wait to wear it!  thanks bridget (and lisa).

stila apricot lip glaze
just the right amount of glisten and tint so that you don't look like a porn star and it stays on for quite some time.

since flu and who-knows-what-else season is upon us, it is imperative that i keep my immune system as healthy as possible. ginger soothes sore throats, treats nausea (hello pregnant women), and has anti viral, anti toxic, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory properties. it even aids in digestion and can lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots. i make a tea using fresh ginger root, water, honey, and any caffeine-free tea bags i happen to have (celestial seasonings country peach passion is my latest fav). boil a pot of water, add a 2-inch piece of fresh ginger root sliced into thin pieces, bring to a boil, add 4-6 tea bags and honey to taste. cover and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes. strain the tea and enjoy! i make a big batch and refrigerate it, though i prefer it warm so i reheat it on the stove.

my new frye harness boots
my husband spoiled me this year and bought me these fabulous frye boots.  i have coveted a pair for what seems like forever and i have ogled those people that own a pair.  now my feet are very happy.  thanks michael.