Saturday, December 11, 2010

dear quinn

dear quinn,
you are 13 weeks old now and the time has just flown by.  you were born 5 weeks early but you came into this world kicking and screaming like you were ready to take it on.  so i guess you were was me who wasn't.  i loved being pregnant with you, feeling you kick (mostly at night), knowing all your wants and needs were met inside my belly.  but since you decided you were done with belly-dwelling early, i decided it was our good luck that we got a head-start on our time with you.  and what a time it has been!  you are so sweet and lovable and i melt with each smile you give me and each new chub roll i find.  i love how you awaken in the morning excited for the day, kicking your legs and waving your arms and grinning all the while.  your daddy and i laugh at how you prefer to poop in the nice fresh diaper we put on instead of the one we JUST took off.  you have started speaking to us and you and your daddy take turns saying "oooohhhhh" and then you smile at the success of the game.  you love water...bath or shower doesn't matter to just don't like getting out.  you love your hair brushed and you turn your head to the side and let me brush and brush.  you let me kiss your lips at least 100 times a day and you never once complain!  i carry you around in the wrap most of the day so that you are always with me...from making my coffee in the morning, to walking to the post office, to dancing to ray lamontagne...i love having you nestled there so that i can talk to you and kiss you and describe this great, big world.  your daddy has worn you in the wrap once too and i have a suspicion it won't be the last time.  you are such a beautiful little boy with the sweetest disposition and i know that you will continue to grow healthy and strong and even more beautiful each day.  your daddy and i are so blessed to have you and so thankful God chose you for us.  we love you mighty quinn.

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